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Community Service Program
Community Service in Lieu of Jail Time or Fees
In an effort to provide our local courts with more sentencing options, as well as provide community service workers to our local government and non-profit organizations, Churchill County and the Court Services Department have developed a comprehensive community service program.

This effort is in response to local government leaders and citizens in our community expressing a desire to put our local defendants to work, when appropriate, rather than spend tax dollars to house them in jail; or assessing fines, particularly in today’s economy, when many defendants cannot pay, and fines just result in unpaid debt and additional burden for defendants and courts.

Our objective is for the Court Services Department to facilitate the prompt completion of these community service hours by matching defendants with suitable organizations, assisting in the scheduling of the work, and timely notification to the courts, upon completion or non-compliance. If a judge or probation officer deems community service appropriate, pursuant to NRS 176.087, they can order the hours to be completed and order the defendant to set up community service through Court Services, which will then schedule and monitor service and report to the courts and P and P as necessary.

Program Goals
Court Services has identified over 80 government and nonprofit organizations within our community that may benefit from this program. A survey is located on this website should your agency wish to participate. Our goal with this program is to provide services to the courts and other stakeholders which reduce time and costs associated with court processes, as well as managing Churchill County’s jail population. 

Become a Participating Agency