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Business License
Applying for Business Licenses
Diane Moyle
Business License Clerk

155 N. Taylor St.
Ste. 194
Fallon, NV  89406

Ph: (775) 423-7627
Fax: (775) 428-0259

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Churchill County Code requires any person, firm, corporation, or association that engages in any business, trade, calling, industry, occupation, or profession in the county to obtain the necessary licenses and permits.

Please contact our office at (775) 423-7627 prior to conducting business so we can verify that the proposed business is permitted in the zoning district in which the property is located.

Before Filing An Application
Prior to applying for a business license, consider the following questions and issues:
  • Property location: Where is your office?
    • If your office will be in the city limits of Fallon, you will need to go to the City of Fallon first, located at 55 W. Williams Avenue or call the City Clerk at (775) 423-5104. Any work performed in the county will require a Churchill County business license.
    • If you are located outside Churchill County, are you properly licensed in that jurisdiction? Any work performed in the county will require a Churchill County business license.
    • If you are located in Churchill County, is the property zoned correctly for the proposed use? Contact the Planning Department for zoning and license.
    • Home-based (residential zoning) businesses in the county require a Usage Permit from the Planning Department.
  • You must comply with all state requirements and local regulations related to your type of operation.
  • New construction or remodeling: Contact the Building Department to discuss permitting and inspection.
  • Is a liquor license or peddler's permit required? Please apply at least three weeks in advance with the Sheriff’s Department after you have obtained your county business license.
  • Roadside and street vendors: Contact the Planning Department regarding restrictions.
Affidavits may be required for certain types of businesses. Contact our office if you have any questions.