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Fines & Fees

Justice Court Fees
Fees are assessed on court actions and services pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 4.060, effective July 1, 2013. Please review the following charts to see the fees you may owe.

All fines and fees are due in full on the day of sentencing. The court accepts these methods of payment:

A receipt must be issued for every payment. Please make sure to keep your receipt as proof of payment. All mailed payments will be issued a receipt upon request.
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks and credit card charge backs will result in a NSF fee $20, CCCB fee $25 added to the balance and and the warrant process will continue for a Failure to Pay or Failure to Appear.
Complete & current address & phone number needs to be on all personal checks. Credit card payment will be accepted from the cardholder only.

Miscellaneous Fees

Service /Action                                                                                                                          Fees                        

For the filing of any paper of intervention                                                                  $25
Issuance of writ of attachment, garnishment, execution, or any
other writ designed to enforce judgment of court, other than a Writ of Restitution.                                                                                                             $25
 For issuance of any writ of restitution                                                                     $226
Filing a notice of appeal, appeal bonds                                                                      $250
Issuing supersedeas to a writ                                                                                   $25
Preparation & transmittal of transcript and papers on appeal                                       $25
Marriage Ceremony performed by the Justice of the Peace                                          $75*
Judgment by confession                                                                                           $50
Copies of any record, proceeding or paper                                                                 $0.50 per page
Certified copy of document(s)                                                                                   $3 per page
Records Search:per person, per year                                                                         $1
For filing and processing each bail or property bond                                                    $50
*Payment for marriage ceremonies preformed by the Justice of the Peace must be submitted in cash.