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Youth Swim Team

Fallon Barracuda Swim Team

The Fallon Barracuda Swim Team (FBST) is a ‘USA Swimming’ competitive youth swim club up to 18 years old. Practices are year round or by season. Join an organized, competitive sport with the benefits of individualized goals and team work. Contact Coach Beth at 217-1385 for more information.

Mission Statement

To Provide the youth of our community a positive environment in which swimmers of all abilities can learn the discipline and dedication to become a stronger individual and a responsible team member.

Vision Statement

A swimmers academic performance, involvement in community service and participation on the Fallon Barracuda Swim Team are equally important. Discipline plays a key role in all of these areas and through expectations of them as members of the FBST, it is hoped to instill in all swimmers the maturity and self-confidence to help them excel in their endeavors. The FBST believes that the experience a swimmer has with the club will be beneficial throughout their lifetime...

Group Options


This group is designed for swimmers who can swim one lap of freestyle and one lap of backstroke. Swimmers will learn the 4 competitive strokes, turns, and race starts.


This group is designed for swimmers who are proficient at the 4 strokes and need to work on their endurance.


This group is one of two advanced groups that is designed for swimmers who are proficient at all 4 strokes and are competitively swimming at meets.


This group is for advanced, competitive swimmers. Must be competitive at meets and have coach approval.

Price: Determined each season

*Prices and times subject to change