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Land Divisions
Property may be subdivided according to the zoning designation of the parcel. The land division procedure that will be followed is dependent upon the number or parcels/lots that will be created. Chapter 16.12 covers land divisions.

Tentative subdivision or tentative parceling map – proposed division of land into five (5) or more buildable lots/parcels. 

Final Map – prepared in accordance with NRS and County Code creating all or a portion of the lots identified on a tentative subdivision map. 

Parcel Map – the division of land into four (4) or fewer parcels. 

Division into Large Parcels – the division of land into four (4) or fewer parcels that are 40 acres in size or larger. 

Note: a tentative map must first be submitted if 5 or more parcels will be created 

Boundary Line Adjustment/Record of Survey Map – A boundary line adjustment can be accomplished between two or more adjacent parcels. 

Revocation and Reversion To Acreage Map– revocation of subdivision or parcel maps and reversion to acreage maps are subject to Nevada State Law.