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Fishermen in Northern Nevada Club
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Churchill County Parks and Recreation is proud to bring you the F.I.N.N. Fishing club. The F.I.N.N. fishing clubs is dedicated to providing the people of Churchill County a chance to practice their skills and compete with the other community members in fun-filled tournaments. Club members will enjoy a recreational style of fishing in local areas. We hope to build a diverse group of members and people of all skill levels. This club welcomes all new members.

Each month between March and the winter(Nov or Dec) weather permitting, the club will hold a members-only month long tournament at a different lake in the area. These tournaments will pit members against one another to catch certain fish and have the best fish caught each month. There will be a small entry fee per tournament.

There will be monthly meetings held at the Churchill County Fairgrounds. Dates will vary each month, contact the club for exact dates for the upcoming meeting.

President: Ron Peterson (Founder)
Vice President/Youth Club Director: Steve McMorris
Treasurer: VACANT
Assistant Tournament Director: Ken Mayes Jr.

Co-Sponsored Events:


This event is an opportunity for the youth of our community to practice their craft each year in a competition against other youth of the community. Open to ages 6 - 17. This event will be held on the first Saturday of June every year. The event will be held at Churchill County`s own Liberty Pond located in Fallon This event will be free to all participants.


This event is open to anyone who wishes to compete and has a valid fishing license. The event will be held at Lahontan State Recreation Area each year. Costs to compete will vary from year to year due to park entrance fees. This will be an open one-day tournament in which the goal will be to cathc the largest wiper in the lake. There will be many prizes available to participants.

- $10 per person per year for annual membership dues.