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Health Insurance
Cigna Health Insurance
Churchill County pays 100% of employee-only coverage for the base plan (Open Access 750) offered through Cigna.  Employees may purchase dependent coverage, with the employee paying 100% of the dependent premiums through payroll deduction.  Employees may also choose to "buy up" to a richer plan (Open Access 300) for $101.04/month, or they may choose the high-deductible plan (HSA 2600) with a Health Savings Account.  For FY 15-16, the county will contribute $138.14/month ($1,657.58/year) into an employee's Health Savings Account.

Employees have convenient access to Cigna on the internet at  The website contains a wealth of information, including a way to find medical care providers.

Cigna Summary Plan Descriptions

Following are Summary Plan Descriptions for each of the health insurance plans available to employees:
        Open Access 750 ($750 Deductible) 
        Open Access 300 ($300 Deductible - Buy-Up Plan) 
        HSA 2600 ($2600 Deductible, with a Health Savings Account)

Retiree Summary Plan Descriptions are as follows:
        Open Access 750 ($750 Deductible)
        Open Access 300 ($300 Deductible)

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs):  To help individuals better understand the plans, the County has posted Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) for each the plans available.  These forms meet the standards for notices required under the federal Affordable Care Act.
        Open Access 750 ($750 Deductible) 
        Open Access 300 ($300 Deductible) 
        HSA 2600 ($2600 Deductible)

Employee Premiums
Churchill County is pleased to pay 100% of the employee-only premiums of the base plan (Open Access 750) to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage for its employees.  Employees may choose to buy up to a richer plan (Open Access 300) or choose a high-deductible health plan that includes a health savings account (HSA 2600).  Employees may also elect dependent coverage, for which employees pay 100% of the premiums.  The monthly premiums are listed below for each of the plans.
Open Access 750 Open Access 300 HSA 2600
Employee (EE)  $   0.00
  Employee (EE)  $101.04
Employee (EE)
$   0.00            
EE + Spouse  $ 483.92 EE + Spouse  $   659.74 EE + Spouse  $ 469.36
EE + Child  $ 320.44 EE + Child  $   470.98 EE + Child  $ 268.22
EE + Family  $ 804.34 EE + Family  $1,029.68 EE + Family  $ 716.94

(For FY 15-16, the county will contribute $138.14/month into an employee's Health Savings Account for employees who choose the HSA 2600 plan.)