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Flood Information

2/28/17 - Churchill County Media Release:

Fallon, Nevada, TCID, BOR, Churchill County, and the City of Fallon are collaborating on flood mitigation efforts and information, in an effort to provide the most current information to the public.

Expect fluctuation in river both up and down stream.

Officials estimate flood waters will stay in the area for several weeks.


EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Dial 911 (Ambulance-Fire-Police)

Flows: Lahontan Storage: 249,400af, Inflow: 1020cfs, Outflow: 1570cfs, Tarzyn 593cfs.

Sandbags: May be obtained from Churchill County Fairgrounds from 8am-3pm Monday-Saturday or by calling 775-423-4188

Debris Reports: call Churchill County Road Dept. @ 775-423-4133

Power Outage or Lines Down: Nv Energy @ 800-962-0399

Stay Informed:

Churchill County will post all updates at the top of their main page

City of Fallon will post updates at the top of their main page

Churchill County Sheriff’s Office will post all updates on Facebook at

Truckee Carson Irrigation District posts updates on Facebook at…/

Emergency Operations Center:

FEMA Flood Maps and National Flood Insurance Program Information may be found by visiting or Churchill Residents are urged to contact their insurance agent to obtain specific information related to flood insurance coverage.

The purpose of this communication is to provide information to the general public to assist in preparing for possible flood events. The public is encouraged to take steps on their own to minimize the risk of damage to person or property that may be caused by flood waters. The information contained in this communication is based on the most current information available at the time of its release, but the events on the ground can change quickly. The agencies releasing this information assume no liability for harm caused to person or property which occur during pre-emergency or emergency events or which are the result of the detrimental reliance on these types of communications.

2/23/17 - Official Press release:

TCID, BOR, Churchill County, and the City of Fallon are collaborating on flood mitigation efforts and information, in an effort to provide the most current information to the public.

Lahontan Dam is an earth-filled embankment structure on the Carson River near Fallon. The Dam, completed in 1915, is in very good condition and may be expected to perform well during the up-coming spring run-off season or a seismic event.

Precautionary draw down of Lahontan Reservoir is in-progress. Water is currently being released through the Carson River and increased flows are expected. Visit to view flood plain maps. All property owners and farms in the Carson River corridor are advised that these releases will most likely continue into the early to mid-summer and may cause disruptions to land use. An emergency safety spill is being installed on the V-Line Canal which will be used to release water onto federal land south of Sheckler Reservoir. This new safety spill will provide added safety to the more densely populated areas. This water is expected to reach Hwy 95 and may cross Hwy 95 after the V-Line release point becomes operational. It could affect properties in the Carson Lake area.

For all persons interested in obtaining Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) or residential flood insurance, very important eligibility deadlines will apply, including the effective date of coverage. We encourage you to contact an insurance carrier of your own choosing immediately for further information. The USDA RMA website contains information and agents for farm insurance programs.

If you need additional information, contact the Emergency Operations Center between 9AM and 3PM at 775-423-4188.

2/21/17 - Bridge Closures:

As of February 20, 2017, the bridge at Bafford Lane and the river crossing at Diversion Dam are closed due to flooding and/or flood preparation. Signs are posted alerting of the closures. For your own safety, do not drive around the signs and barriers to cross them.

2/16/17 - Sandbags

Churchill County desires to be proactive and hopes to be well prepared for any issues that arise due to the abnormally wet winter that is coming to a close. Part of these preparations include staging large piles of sand and sand bags at strategic points around the county. Work will begin filling bags and having them ready very soon. Again this is strictly preparatory work so that Churchill County can be prepared and not strictly reactive in the case of high water issues. More information will be available here as it becomes known.

2/14/17 - Public Service Announcement from Churchill County and TCID:


Due to the abnormally high snow pack and continued impactful storms, Lahontan Reservoir could reach capacity much earlier than normal. Precautionary drawdowns of water from the reservoir have therefore been initiated. TCID and County Road crews have been working to clean the major canals and the Carson River channel to accommodate initial water releases that will gradually increase. The river and canals will be running at maximum capacity for many months. We encourage all property owners along the Carson River to take necessary precautions to minimize flooding and we urge you to stay away from these waters and keep your children away from them.

As river flows in the Carson River increase, please contact TCID 423-2141 if you notice any water leaving the river channel or canal system. In the coming weeks the County will ensure sand and sand bags are stockpiled in the most vulnerable areas.

Updates to this information will be provided as the situation changes.