History of the Cemetery

Cemetery PlotsThe Churchill County Cemetery has been in existence since 1900. Originally maintained by numerous organizations, the county took over responsibility in 1970. Staff and seasonal personnel maintain the 28-acre facility. The Parks and Recreation Department oversees the general operations of the facilities.

Fourteen of the facility's 24 acres have been developed and landscaped and are presently in use. Additional property will be opened up as needed. Currently there are close to 10,000 interred in the facility with 2,000 spaces remaining, 1,500 of which are reserved. Funding for the facility is provided through general fund monies and receipts from services. There is also a beautification fund supported by donations to support tree replacement and improvements at the facility.

Staff is responsible for meeting with the public to arrange space purchases and funerals, opening and closing grave spaces, collecting fees and charges, maintenance of all records of burials and plot ownership, assisting the public in locating graves or plots, and maintaining landscaping, irrigation systems, buildings, and equipment.

Operating hours are weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Services may be scheduled for Saturdays or some holidays with special arrangements.

For information contact: Claude Parsley, Sexton, at (775) 423-4066.