Tax Spending

Property Tax Itemization

While property tax bills have always been broken down, the following items listed on this year's property tax bill are shown as follows. The total property tax rate for county residents is $2.8629 per $100 of assessed valuation and $3.6600 per $100 of assessed valuation for city residents.

General County is the main operating fund for the county. It includes public safety, courts, community support, and general administrative functions, for example.

INDIGENT provides assistance for all qualifying welfare recipients, care for needy children, and extended health care for needy senior citizens.

Cooperative Extension (Agricultural Extension) assists in agricultural and horticultural matters, soil analysis, and advice. This includes partial funding for the Nevada Gold project to protect groundwater quality.

Public Library is the general fund for library operations and maintenance.

Capital Improvement Fund is a tax which is required by state law to fund capital improvements for the city and county.

Tax Act provides for make-up revenues lost to the county, city, and mosquito abatement district as a non-guaranteed county for sales tax distribution.

Youth Services legislatively mandated support of the China Springs Youth Camp in Douglas County and the Western Nevada Youth Facility in Silver Springs for detention of juvenile delinquents.

Hospital Indigent Motor Vehicles Accident is a state mandated tax to defer the cost of hospital care for indigents injured in car accidents.

Indigent Medical Care provides funds for indigent medical care once general indigent fund limits have been exhausted. The allowed rate is 10 cents, and the board elected to assess only 1 cent which is remitted to the state.

Carson Water Sub-Conservancy provides funds to the Carson River watershed for conservation projects. County parcels in the Carson River watershed are taxed three cents in support of membership.

Senior Citizen Levy is to support the operations of William N. Pennington Life Center.

Churchill County Mosquito, Vector and Noxious Weed Abatement District provides operating funds for the mosquito and weed abatement programs in the county.

Churchill County School District provides resources to the district for school operations and maintenance.

CCSD Bonds provides for debt payment on bonded school construction.

State of Nevada is a tax to pay for state bonded indebtedness for projects such as new prison construction, other capital improvement projects, and conservation of wetlands and wildlife.

City-Fallon is the general operating fund for the city and includes certain city administration, police, and fire department costs, for example. This rate only applies to city residents and the assessed value within the city limits.