Maintenance Tasks

Scheduled and routine maintenance of buildings and grounds owned by Churchill County consists of the following:

  • Ordering, storage, and distribution of paper products within the county
  • Ordering, storage, and dispersal of janitorial and sanitary products
  • Vacuuming, mopping, and waxing of floors
  • Washing of windows, doors, and walls and dusting of counters and furniture
  • Disinfecting and cleaning of lavatories
  • Trash removal and disinfecting containers
  • Replacement of lamps and ballasts
  • The unclogging of waste drains
  • Repair of leaking or broken fixtures or components
  • Moving, repairing, and replacing broken furniture
  • Preparation for special events
  • Cleaning of air handlers, condensers, evaporators, and replacement of filters
  • Maintenance and repair of pumps, actuators, reheat coils
  • Repair of jail security doors and other security equipment
  • Snow and ice removal at county facilities