Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Probation Mission

The mission of the Churchill County Juvenile Probation Department is:

  • To protect the community
  • To sanction illegal behavior
  • To rehabilitate juvenile offenders
  • To strengthen families

It is the mission of the Churchill County Juvenile Probation Department to hold juvenile offenders accountable for their actions by providing meaningful consequences which restores the victim and rehabilitates the offender, to create methods and programs which reintegrate them into the community through the process of competency development, and to provide the supervision necessary to protect the community.

Community Based Programs

The Churchill County Juvenile Probation Department will provide, to the extent possible, community-based programming for those youth and families referred for services. Community-based programming provides for family involvement and a continuum of care for the youth and eliminates the problem and stigma associated with a youth attempting to be reintegrated into the community after several months in a correctional facility. No recommendation for correctional care should be made until all avenues within the community setting have been explored, unless the risk to the community is too great.

It is further the mission of this department to create and promote programs pertaining to the prevention of delinquency, to defer youth from formal court proceedings whenever possible, and to create and promote programs that deter further delinquent behavior, develop competency and protect the community.

The mission to protect the community cannot and will not be ignored. To that end, the risk that each offender poses to the community will be continually assessed and the appropriate level of supervision will be utilized.


The Churchill County Juvenile Probation Department is the arm of the Juvenile Division of the Tenth Judicial Court and is charged with the responsibility of working with juvenile offenders and their families and providing prevention services to youth and families in the community. The department's efforts are to be such that each juvenile is to receive such care, guidance, and control, preferably in their own home, as will be conducive to the best interests and safety of the community and the offender.