How to Open a Case/Receive Payments

How Do I Open a Case for Child Support?

Applying for services is easy. There are several ways to obtain an application. An application can be mailed to you upon your request or you may obtain an application from our office during business hours at 165 North Ada Street in Fallon, Nevada. If you have a printer available, you may print the forms listed below by clicking on the link.

There are several other documents needed in order to process your application. Please review the Check List. When you have completed the appropriate forms, please contact Caseworker Whitney Aboytes to schedule an appointment.

How do I receive my payments?

Debit Card Vs. Direct Deposit

Parents who receive support may enroll in Direct Deposit to have payments electronically deposited into a checking or savings account. Payments may also be sent to a Debit Card account. The Nevada Child Support Debit Card is used to access funds sent to the debit card account. Use the Child Support Payment Authorization form below.

The Nevada Child Support Debit Card

The Nevada Child Support Debit Card is a prepaid debit card that you can use to access your support payments. The card can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted to make purchases and cash withdrawals. You will automatically receive a debit card when child support collections are received and disbursed if you are not enrolled in direct deposit. This is not a credit card; the amount you spend is subtracted from the balance on your card.

Benefits of the Nevada Child Support Debit Card

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a method of electronic funds transfer. You authorize Child Support to deposit your support payments directly into your checking or savings account. When Child Support receives a support payment, the payment is processed and sent to your account. In most instances, the funds will be in your account in 2 business days.

Benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Funds are automatically deposited into the account
  • More reliable than paper checks
  • There are no fees associated with direct deposit
  • Funds are available faster

To have your support payments directly deposited into your checking or savings account, complete the Child Support Payment AuthorizationRequest Document Remediation - Child Support Payment Authorization form, attach the required document, and return the completed form and document to Child Support. A confirmation letter will be sent to you after your enrollment form is processed.

Whether electing to receive support payments via debit card or by direct deposit, please remember that changes to your name, address or contact information must always be updated with the Child Support Enforcement Program. To update your information, contact your Child Support Office or call:

Contact your Child Support Office
Toll Free(800) 992-0900
Northern Nevada(775) 684-7200
Southern Nevada(702) 486-1646