Processes for Electronic Appearances

**NEW**The Tenth Judicial District Court is now offering Zoom for approved remote appearances. You can go to their website at to download the Zoom application or join hearings directly from their site. Zoom is also available as an app you can download on smartphones or tablets. 

PLEASE NOTE: Zoom is the preferred method for audiovisual and telephonic appearances.

Request to Appear by Communication Equipment Packet (PDF Fillable)

If you are new to Zoom, below are some helpful guidelines for beginners on using Zoom either on the computer or on a smartphone/tablet.

Zoom for Beginners (PDF)

Zoom para Principiantes (PDF)

Telephonic & Video Appearances

Counsel and all Self-Represented Litigants are required to comply with Part IX-A – Rules Governing Appearance by Telephonic and Simultaneous Audiovisual Transmission Equipment for Criminal Proceedings. For Civil and Family Court Proceedings, parties are required to comply with Part IX-B – Rules Governing Appearance by Telephonic and Simultaneous Audiovisual Transmission Equipment. Attached is a copy of the Rules for your perusal. In accordance with the Rules, parties are required to file their Request to Appear by Communications Equipment 14 days prior to any hearing; however, the Court has waived the timeframe until circumstances related to COVID change.

Supreme Court Rule IX-A - Criminal (PDF)

Supreme Court Rule IX-B - Civil/Family (PDF)

Supreme Court Rule 2 and 4 of Part IX-A(B) - Effective 2-25-19 (PDF)

Court Call Telephonic Appearances

Counsel and Pro-Per litigants may make a CourtCall appearance by serving and filing with CourtCall (not the Court), not less than 3 court days prior to the hearing date, CourtCall's Request for Telephonic Appearance form and paying a fee that is set by CourtCall.

A CourtCall appearance is made as part of the Court's regular calendar and all counsel and pro-se litigants who have timely filed their request form and paid the fee may appear by dialing the Courtroom's dedicated toll free teleconference number, and access code (if any) which will be provided by CourtCall, LLC. A pre-hearing check-in will occur 5 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time.

A party may obtain additional information by calling the CourtCall, not the Court, at (310) 342-0888 or (888) 882-6878.

CourtCall Instructions (PDF) (effective March 15, 2019)

Call-ins during Law & Motion that do not use Court Call will be provided with a conference call number by the Court Clerk. 

Parties and Counsel are asked to call in to Court Call and/or the conference number at least five minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time. If the Court does not reach out to you within 15 or 20 minutes of your scheduled hearing time, please call the Clerk's office at (775) 423-6088.