How will the facility maintain control of the youth who are detained?
The facility aims to encourage positive interaction with staff and peers in order to develop a safe and secure environment, enhance positive life skills, and gain the cooperation and compliance of the youth while in detention. The detention facility's goal will be "Prevention and Resolution" of problem behavior.

The first step in achieving cooperative behavior is to ensure that rules and expectations are known, understood, an followed. This process will begin during orientation and will be reinforced daily. Another important component to ensuring a safe and secure environment will be to provide a mechanism to recognize the youth for their positive behavior while in detention.

The facility will use a "Levels System" which will be a means for the youth to receive positive reinforcement for pro-social behavior. Youth will achieve a higher level by completing the standard requirements for progression.

For those youth who are non-compliant, a system of consequences will be imposed. Those will include room restrictions, loss of privileges and depending upon the severity, further legal action.

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