What sort of work do I need a permit for?
  • Any new construction, additions, and/or alterations to existing buildings, both residential and commercial.
  • Accessory buildings and garages that have a floor area of 120 square feet or greater.
  • Covered porches that are constructed with a solid roof (i.e., plywood and shingles or metal sheeting); shade porches covered with lattice generally are not required to be permitted.
  • Concrete patio slabs, concrete driveways, and wood decks generally do not require a building permit; however, if any deck or patio structure is 30 inches above grade, it will require a building permit and plan review.
  • Repair or replacement of a roof or roof covering.
  • Any new construction or repair of an individual residential septic system.

  • Placement of any pre-fab storage shed, carport, or cargo container.

    Your safest recourse when planning a building project is to contact the Building Department for information regarding the requirements for building permits. Please remember that a properly permitted project will ensure your hard work becomes an enhancement to your property value.

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